Hodgson, C.R. win dual meet wrestling titles

By David A. Willauer-Staff Reporter-Memorial Hall-Delaware State University-Dover, DE-2-15-06: After suffering a 52-6 defeat by the Smyrna Eagles in the 2005 Division II Delaware Dual Meet Tournament final, things went the Hodgson Vo Tech Silver Eagles' way as they recorded 5 falls and 2 decisions and defeated Caravel Academy Bucs by a 36-32 score.
Hodgson 36 Caravel 32
103-Buckworth, C pinned McFatridge 1:03
112-Taylor, H pinned Dajon 1:25
119-Garnett, C dec Miller 10-4
125-N. Tiberi, H pinned Minchini 3:55
130-Hoggard, C dec Spence 12-7
135-Bruce, H dec Gibbons 9-7
140-Colon, H pinned Henry 1:44
145-M. Tiberi, H pinned Polansky 1:27
152-DeFillippis, H pinned Kelly 1:27
160-Ranauto, C pinned Bradshaw 1:33
171-Manubay, C maj dec Sappington 17-5
189-Rebertus, C won by forfeit
215-Sizemore, H dec Gibson 7-4
275-Yandell, C dec Gregg 9-6
Hodgson won 6 titles in Division II Delaware Dual Meet titles from 1997 to 2002 under former coach and current Delcastle athletic director Jerry Lamey. With the win, this is Hodgson's 7th title overall, first
under head coach Stan Spoor.
First Round Results of the Delaware Division II Dual Meet Tournament
Hodgson 44 Indian River 27
103-Magana, I pinned McFatridge 1:47
112-Taylor, H pinned Pasquel :48
119-Baron, IR dec Miller 8-7
125-N. Tiberi, H pinned Saylor 2:51
130-Spence, H dec Wilkinson 10-3
135-Bruce, H pinned Willis 1:14
140-Abbott, H pinned Galluzzo 3:45
145-O. Colon, H pinned Morris 2:25
152-M. Tiberi, H tech fall Smith 5:00
160-DeFillippis, H dec Bokinsky 11-4
171-A. Bokinsky, I pinned Sappington 1:50
189-Townsend, IR pinned Sizemore :50
215-Gregg, H dec Townsend 4-3
275-Lynch, IR pinned Reed 2:45
Caravel 47 Smyrna 17
103-Buckworth, C dec Quist 11-4
112-Dulin, S tech fall over Daqui 16-1 6;00
119-Garnett, C pinned Gonzon 1:54
125-Minchini, C pinned Roberts 5:31
130-Hoggard, C pinned Rusello 2:43
135-Gibbons, C dec Demattia 6-2
140-Ryan, S dec Henry 2-1
145-Agan, S dec Kelly 7-3
152-Robinson, S pinned Polansky 1;52
160-V Ranauto, C dec Tigani 12-8
171-Rebertus, C tech fall over Boyles 15-0 3:58
189-Manubay, C pinned Collison 3:54
215-Gibson, C dec Messick 10-1
275-Yandell, C pinned Bogia 1:30
Top of Form
By David A. Willauer-Staff Reporter-Memorial Hall- Delaware State University-Dover, DE-Wednesday, February 15, 2006: The top seed Riders of Caesar Rodney with 2 pins, a major, a tech fall along with 7 decisions became the first Division I school in Delaware to four-peat their Delaware Division I Dual Meet State Tournament title as they defeated the 2nd seed Spartans of St. Marks by a 38-15 score.
Results of the Division I Delaware Dual Meet Tournament Final
Caesar Rodney 38 St. Marks 15
103-Keech, CR pinned C. Sawyer 49
112-Burgos, CR tech fall J. Sawyer 24-6
119-Koch, CR dec Snook 8-7
125-Moser, CR dec J. Shaw 8-2
130-Diaz, CR dec Reilly 5-1
135-Norvall, SM maj dec Webb 11-1
140-Waters, CR dec V. Shaw 18-12
145-Cathell, CR dec Abbott 7-0
152-Frederick, SM dec Ribolla 5-4
160-Edwards, CR dec Demul 16-8
171-Bradley, SM dec Kelly 8-6
189-Koch, CR dec O Tiberi 2-1
215-Rigby, CR pinned M. Tiberi 4:27
275-Zell, SM pinned Tucker :15
Footnote: Caesar Rodney has won 5 Delaware Dual Meet Division I
Tournament titles is tied with St. Marks with 5 overall. William Penn High
School has won 4 Delaware Division I Dual Meet Tournament titles.
First Round Delaware Division I Dual Meet Tournament results:
In a first round match of the Delaware Division I Dual Meet Wrestling
Tournament, the Spartans of St. Marks with 3 decisions, 1 major, 2 falls
and 1 technical fall defeated the Sussex Central Golden Knights by a
46-24 score.
103-Roach, SC dec C. Sawyer 7-4
112-Mcdonald, SC pinned J. Sawyer :47
119-Snook, SM pinned Lofland :41
125-J. Shaw, SM tech fall over Brown 16-0 3:44
130-Riley, SM maj dec Saylor 10-0
135-E. Norvall, SM pinned Pepper 1:25
140-V. Shaw, SM dec Walls 11-4
145-Abbott, SM dec Hazel 6-1
152-Frederick SM dec West 5-2
160-Bradley, SM won by forfeit
171-Holsten, SC pinned 1;54
189-Cordrey, SC maj dec Tiberi 10-1
215-Illian, SC won by forfeit
275-Zell, SC won by forfeit
The Riders of Caesar Rodney with 3 falls, 2 technical falls and 2 decisions defeated the Colonials of William Penn High School by a 31-22 score.
103-Keech, CR pinned Epps :14
112-Burgos, CR tech fall Douglas 5:49 23-8
119-DiMaio, WP dec Green 6-4
125-Moser, CR pinned Casula 3:45
130-Diaz, CR tech fall Smedley 2:38 17-2
135-Fletcher, WP dec Webb 5-3
140-Hynson, WP and Myers, CR both disqualified
145-Cathel, CR pinned Lindsay 3:49
152-Ribolla, CR dec Lagarelli 4-2
160-Edwards, CR dec Glover 7-2
171-Weber, WP won by forfeit
189-Delduca, WP dec Peace 6-0
215-Alghanee, WP won by forfeit
275-Maynard, WP dec Bork 8-0